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In a town as pretty as a picture postcard, Nancy seeks the key to a In a town as pretty as a picture postcard, Nancy seeks the key to a picture-perfect crime! The town is rich in history, and Vera wants Nancy visits a movie set and finds terror on location! World-famous director Hank Steinberg is The movie tells a spine-tingling story about a haunted house.

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Most shocking of all, though, George gets George gets into fencing in a big way, which means lots of cool matches for Nancy and Bess to watch. But when an inexplicably deadly rivalry between Swimming, sailing, and snorkeling are all that Nancy, Bess, and Ned expect when they visit old friends at their nineteenth-century plantation, Sugar Moon.

But when Nancy's friend Bess has been hired Nancy's friend Bess has been hired by Special Effects, a River Heights company, to decorate Albemarle's department store for the holidays. When Bess discovers that her friend Ali Marie is now Secret Identity Carolyn Keene.

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The Perfect Escape Carolyn Keene. Secret Sabotage Carolyn Keene. Lights, Camera.

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Murder on the Set Carolyn Keene. Secret of the Spa Carolyn Keene. Sabotage Surrender Carolyn Keene. Green-Eyed Monster Carolyn Keene. Without a Trace Carolyn Keene.

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    Green with Envy Carolyn Keene. Stop the Clock Carolyn Keene. Includes space for readers to jot down their own ideas and solutions to the case! Nancy, Bess, and George are invited to the big bash, where all party guests must dress in under-the-sea-themed costumes.

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    But when a squirmy snake is found swimming in the pool too, Queen Marissa leaves in a huff! Who would sabotage the mermaid pool performance? Nancy, Bess, and George intend to find out! When eight-year-old Nancy is invited to a sleepover party with a dolls theme, the host's doll goes missing and Nancy tries to solve her first case.

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    With the Rockapazooma concert looming, Nancy and her friends are excited about attending the big event, but when Nancy hears of Frank and Joe's new assignment, she eagerly lends a hand. Nancy Drew's special detective notebook disappears, along with her three movie passes to a new blockbuster, and she is disgusted when her archrival, Jason Hutchings, searches for the notebook to prove how easy it is to be a detective.

    The young detective and her friends probe the mysterious movements of puppets on the Van Pelt estate. A masquerade party turns into a dangerous adventure when teen-age sleuth Nancy Drew switches identities with a friend to track down a gang of thieves.