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Any additional comments? It is not a story of adventurers on a quest in a strange, new environment. It is a more of a detective murder trial mystery, with action and political intrigue backdrop. In some places it had the feel of enjoying a Kill Bill or James Bond action scene. The detective part is most of the story with action scenes along the way. The mystery is not obvious, so several theories of whodunnit and why occurred to me at different points. She and the other main characters are interesting and complex, not 2D and stupid, so that adults can actually enjoy the story.

There is no graphic sex, blood and guts, and almost no romance aspect -thankfully on all 3 counts as those are different generas. Flashbacks to a previous event occur and help to add body to the story and characters but you don't need to have read whatever book that is from, if there actually is one. It did not seem like catch-up stuff but there to add depth to the present. I liked the narration. A few of the nonhuman voices are a little strange but they are dwarves and other creatures so I would have expected this and it seemed right to me. Mix genres — The Shard Axe is fantasy noir with an urban fantasy feel and a murder mystery at its core.

Give characters motivations readers can understand, and make the stakes matter.

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How do I make a book stand out, be it tie-in or creator-owned? By telling a story I want to read. She has also written another unrelated novel, Legacy of Wolves Wizards of the Coast, , set in the same universe. In addition to her fiction writing, she is a poet, editor, engineer, Navy Seabee wife and the mother of three wonderful sons.

She lives in Arizona in the shadow of an improbably green mountain with her family, the requisite black lab, a sizable collection of Wonder Woman figures, and far too many books. You can find out more about her latest projects here: www. Marcy is offering one copy of The Shard Axe to one lucky winner. Just leave a question for Marcy about tie-in fantasy, or tell her your favorite tie-in fantasy book to be entered. Open internationally and ends April 19th.

Good Luck! MinnChica can usually be found with her nose in a book or nook , and can ALWAYS find a few minutes to read: stuck at a red light, sitting in the doctors office, on her lunch break. She's so addicted to reading that her family frequently threatens to host an intervention. Currently MinnChica is devouring every romance book she can get her hands on, especially ones that feature 'friends to lovers' stories. And you totally had me wanting to read your book even before the one line synopsis. Do you enjoy writing in a an already set up world where the world building and rules are mostly set before you start your story?

Or do you find you would have liked to make your own rules? I think the only tie-in fiction I have read have been Star Trek novels of varying quality. LineJ :. Huh, interesting post. I have never read that I know of a tie-in book. Though I can see the appeal, I have a handful of games that I am simply addicted to and would read a book based on them in a heart beat.


A good story is a good story, no matter where it comes from. A different kind of challenge to write tie-in. Ever wish you could? I am imagining some frustrating times where you were wishing you could. I have always been a Dungeons and Dragons fan. I loved the books and video games and even the animation series.

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I have them all. Lexi :. Hi, Lexi! I totally agree — a good story is a good story, whether its a tie-in or creator-owned. There have been times that I wished not so much that I could make up my own rules, but that the rules already in existence were followed a little more closely.

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For instance, in the tabletop version of Eberron, airships like the one in the cover art above are fairly rare, and docking towers for them can only be found in the largest cities. In the DDO version of Eberron, there are docking towers in every neighborhood. Hopefully I managed to do that, but again, it requires some serious tightrope-walking skills! Kai W. Hi, Kai! I think my favorite, though, would have to be the Eye of the Beholder series. Really good graphics and interface for that time period, and an intriguing story line.

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Anyone got a computer with a disk drive? In high school, I read countless Star Wars tie-in books to keep my brother company. He was a reluctant reader and this method of encouragement worked! Are your tie-in novels standalone? Justine :. Hi, Justine! I think helping someone develop a love of reading is one of the best gifts you can give.

But fantasy or SF, it does have a great selection of tie-in books, by some really good authors.

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My books are meant to be standalones, yes. Hopefully, reading them is no different from reading any other fantasy novel, except that there are a whole bunch of other novels set in the same place that you can go pick up after you finish mine.

What you CAN do is submit a writing sample to tie-in publishers who accept them not all do and hope that the editors are intrigued enough to let you pitch some story ideas at them. Mary Preston :.

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Yes, you do have to have permission to write for a tie-in property, because they are the ones who own the setting, not you. Once you have that permission, there are rules you have to follow, as well. When writing for Wizards of the Coast, for example, I usually learn some things about the setting or the release schedule or upcoming products that the general population is not yet privy to. I have to agree to keep quiet about those things, or those legal dogs will get loose again, this time in my direction. Hi Marsheila, thanks for your insights.

My first language is Spanish, so I apologize if I cannot make myself understood well.