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In an interesting twist of fate, this image of the musically inclined Asian actually restricts the kind of instruments and music that Asians are expected to play. For instance, Zwahlen writes on Sounding Out!

The Tiger Cub, the Mother, and the Piano

Here is, in my opinion, an interesting confluence of deeply rooted Asian traditions and the economic capital of the West. Indeed, my mother loves musing over how elegant and classy a house looks with a grand piano. In Singapore, several conditions especially favored the preference for Western classical music: a recent history as an ex-British colony, the adoption of English as the lingua franca so that the ethnically diverse population could communicate, and a very Americanized media.

Among the myriad of Western classical instruments, the piano and the violin have been placed on the highest pedestal. Why did Amy Chua specifically choose the piano and the violin—and nothing else—for her daughters? Why do most Asian families gravitate not only towards Western classical music, but particularly to the piano and the violin? It would take another essay to examine the popularity of the piano and the violin in Western music, so suffice it to say that because these instruments were so popular in the West, they became the instruments that caught on among early Asian immigrants in the States, who were aspiring to join the ranks of the affluent classes.

As I entered primary school, another realization spurred me to take my music education more seriously: everyone around me was learning the piano. In recess breaks, my classmates spoke of their fears of the upcoming Grade 4, or 5 or 7, or 8 exams. They spoke of skipping grades, of learning Music Theory, of learning another instrument. So I watched in envy as a friend played Fur Elise in the school canteen for some event or other, thinking I could do that too. Apparently many Asian parents also think that of their children. Peer pressure has been a huge contributing factor in the popularity of the piano and violin among Asians.

The desire for social mobility sets up a vicious cycle: the more people there are around you learning an instrument, the more people you have to compare with—and comparison is the lifeblood of many Asian cultures, reflected in the notorious cut-throat schooling systems in Korea, Japan, and China, to name a few examples. There are also a greater number of established competitions for the piano and the violin, which simultaneously arises because of their popularity and causes a further surge in their popularity.

And they see the sheen of celebrity that has accompanied the huge international success of Lang Lang, the year-old superstar, who has an Adidas shoe endorsement and his own line of baby grand pianos.

The year was , the day was unremarkable just like the day of my first piano class , and the room was especially dusty. After showcasing to the new members the different instruments that we could pick up, the teacher-in-charge selected the sheng for me. It was an organ, a collection of about a dozen metal tubes, bound together and mounted on a wooden platform.

The sheng takes a variety of shapes, with the different sizes covering different pitch ranges. Pictured here is a smaller sheng which plays higher notes and which can be held in the hands. Feggy Art, I realize this is a very strange way to begin a conversation when you have not called home for days, so I clarify my question, and the discussion gets going. I feel that if I work hard enough, I can do anything. I know I can focus on a given task for hours at a time. Later on, I would never have had the patience to learn how to hold the cello bow the right way.

I would never learn to persist at something long enough to love it. And so I come full circle to the very first reason Asian parents make their kids learn musical instruments: my parents wanted to instill in me the self-discipline that I would need to succeed in life, and they chose music because of its historical importance in Chinese culture, and they chose the piano because of its established popularity. In he had a cancerous melanoma removed from his upper left thigh. Yesterday he had two large Echinococcus hydatid cysts removed from his liver I estimated that a half a million images decorate the walls of houses in over 50 countries.

I myself shot several hard drives of Seatao A warning that it is not for the sensitive viewers The World is Changing On the same day that Kenyatta torched tons of ivory, 33 lions were being flown into South Africa from circuses and zoos that have been closed down in Peru and Columbia Therefore herds of migrating springbuck are a no, no!

The farmer wants animals that he can contain, manipulate, subjugate and control. Nothing and nobody can compete with the farmer. Therefore jackals, caracals, baboons and even bushmen are destroyed on sight. Lions, leopards, cheetah and hyenas were killed a long time ago! It allows us to better keep track of the tigers. It helps scientists doing research to map the movements of the tigers The song highlights the poaching in Africa and the global wildlife trade. By no stretch of the imagination can Corbett be labeled a "bad tiger.

He was an Ambassador Tiger and readily posed for pictures. He had an extremely calm and relaxed nature. He is one of the few wild tigers that have ever greeted me with a chuff. He will be sorely missed This is unusual for a male tiger. Sariska always allowed Ussuri and the cubs to feed before him. This too is exceptional The government disassembles the canned lion industry over a period of 5 years It is well known that wealthy clients will pay extra for an extra large lion and elephant above 60 pounds ivory The next problem is you know that Cecil must weigh between and pounds. To kill an animal this size with a bow and arrow at night, you have to be highly skilled.

Palmer spends his days looking in peoples mouths. He boasts he is good, but how good? The trauma and pain is extreme, easily on par with a human mother that has lost a young child Some want to crucify me. There is no shortage of passion in this emotive issue At the same time I synchronized my purring with theirs Are the "Ambassador Cats" merely front runners?

Do they realize instinctively that their only chance of survival for their species is to form partnerships with the very species that is causing their demise? Intimacy Undone. And Gazelles Leaping. An orphan, his pet, a Manipuri elephant sensitive about his small size, and their friends—Heera and her nanny-goat; Mazdoor and his donkey White [ But then T-Cub is a very special tiger cub and [ Perhaps Tomorrow.

Kautik on Embers.

Handraising Twin Tiger Cubs - Tigers About The House - BBC

Kautik is prepared to work herself to the bone to feed her husband Mahadev and children Bhima, Nama and Yasodi. She not only drives herself hard, but [ Chandni Chowk.

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What we know today as Chandni Chowk was once a part of one of the greatest cities of the world—the imperial city established by the Mughal emperor [ The Adivasi Will Not Dance. In this collection of stories, set in the fecund, mineral-rich hinterland and the ever-expanding, squalid towns of Jharkhand, Hansda Sowvendra [ The Sari of Surya Vilas. When she [ Monk on a Hill. There are startlingly tender accounts of love and grief [ A Box of Happiness. Out of War. Over the course of two intense years Swati Sengupta spoke to dozens of surrendered Maoist soldiers.

In this book she focuses on their complex [ After losing all his family in a terrible famine, a man leaves his village with just the clothes on his back, never once looking back. For endless [ The Sun and Two Seas. A grand historical novel of love, intrigue and ambition—inspired by the sculptures on the Sun Temple of Konark.

It is the thirteenth century AD. The Exodus Is Not Over. And this book is an ode to them. For long a sleepy rural enclave, Thamel is today the beating commercial and cultural heart of Kathmandu—a dizzying square kilometre of hotels, [ The Creature on the Moonlit Road. Mr Abney was found in his chair, his head thrown back… In his left side was a terrible lacerated wound, exposing the heart.

There was no blood on [ Myth, culture and politics weave together in a beguiling tale of profound love. Fatal Accidents of Birth. This volume collects seventeen stories of women and men who, simply because they were born poor, or a particular gender, or into a certain caste or [ The Pocket Kamasutra. The ultimate book of erotic love, the Kamasutra is, above all, about inventive sensuality. It is both a celebration of, and a guide to, the good [ Science Tales.

A Village Dies. Back in the s, when Mumbai was still Bombay, the twin urban villages of Kevni-Amboli were home to a lively Catholic community—predominantly [ Loitering with Intent. A Season for Martyrs. There was no striking clock within earshot—none on the staircase, none in the stable, none in the distant church tower. Yet it is indubitable that [ The Curry Coast.

e-book Success Interpreted as Failure: Memoirs of a Tiger Cub

Retracing the footsteps of explorer Vasco da Gama years after his arrival on the shores of Calicut, Binoo K. John finds himself in a land of [ Gandhi on Non-Violence. Gandhi on Non-Violence brings together the political and moral philosophies central to the life and work of Mahatma Gandhi, pared down to [ The Temple Road.

A remarkable cultural and medical memoir, The Temple Road inspires and absorbs in equal measure. A veteran cancer physician, Dr Fazlur [ For some, the Himalaya is a frontier against which to test themselves. Others find refuge and tranquility in the mountains, a place where they can [ I Want to Destroy Myself.

My life cannot be made over to anyone, not even Namdeo Dhasal. The Big Cat Man.

Journey After Midnight. If it be on the finger, take the finger off. So said my father always.

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But think of where this [ The Sand Libraries of Timbuktu. A debut collection of poems by a compelling young voice. Up Campus, Down Campus. Here Marx rules the [ Istanbul Istanbul. Garrisoned Minds. Militarisation and violence as a response to conflict are now part of the global social order. In this book, twelve journalists explore the impact of [ June, along with Ron and several other insurgents, is fleeing their hideout in Bhutan after an army attack. With them is their injured, unconscious [ A Book of Light.

In , Jerry Pinto published his debut novel, Em and the Big Hoom , which drew upon his experience of living with a mother who was bipolar. A Little Book of Love and Companionship. A Little Book of Serenity. And look at the changing [ Wisdom: A World History.

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Trevor Curnow provides an accessible introduction to wisdom and the many ways we have tried to achieve it throughout history. Man Tiger. A new bestseller from the prize-winning author of Beauty Is a Wound. On Art, Literature and History. Winner [ Indian Dust. One Last Drink at Guapa. A debut novel that tells the story of Rasa, a young gay man coming of age in the Middle East. Set over the course of twenty-four hours, One Last [ Feasts and Fasts. Samuel: Korean. For some reason, I expected her to brutally say it to my face. But upon meeting her, I found her unfailingly polite, a bit reserved, certainly resolute, but always gracious, regal even.

It was clear that Grace had inherited her toughness and beauty from her. Overall first impression: I liked Mama Esther.

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I even thought that if Grace and I stayed together for the long haul, her mother would learn to love me as a son. I left my first meeting with Esther feeling that this could possibly work out. In all fairness, she did say a few nice things. But otherwise, her assessment of me was scathing:. Things were never quite the same after that. My opinion of Esther certainly changed, but so did my relationship with Grace. I chose to escape as much as I was pushed away.

But a nagging thought continues to plague me: Maybe Grace and I just gave up too easily. While I love my own parents dearly, my upbringing was rather placid, and I often wished they were less permissive. My siblings and I watched a crap-load of television and my bedroom was a junk heap of unfinished projects. I play the guitar—not violin.