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God saturates our desert places with the ocean of His love

Dunamis means three things; the power and influence that comes with riches and wealth, the power to perform miracles, and excellence of soul. Inside of our spirits we have the power of those three things. It is because there are gates and doors inside our souls, just like in our bodies, that are closed and preventing the power from flowing from the inside out. We have body gates, which are our senses our eyes, ears, mouth, touch, and smell, and just as there are gates in our body there are gates in our soul.

The root meaning of the word gate here means to split open, reason out, calculate, reckon, and to estimate. We calculate and reason in our mind, which is part of our soul. Look at Psalm 24 and see how God refers to the gates and doors in our temple. Who is the King of glory?

Opening Doors

The Lord strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle. Lift up your heads, O you gates; yes, lift them up, you age-abiding doors that the King of glory may come in. Who is [He then] this King of glory?

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The Lord of hosts, He is the King of glory. Selah [pause, and think of that]! When I see the evidence in scripture of the things that God is doing in my life, I get really excited! It means I am on the right track, and I have to share what He is showing me. I know I am not the only one, but for some, I may be the only one they hear. This is the basic model that God uses repeatedly.

It is the three part being model. Here, He is using it in the Temple or Tabernacle. The outer court, the inner court which, was the holy place, and Holy of Holies, which is where the Arc of The Covenant was kept.

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Upon our salvation the Spirit of God comes to reside inside our spirit man. He resides in US! We are now the temple according to 1 Corinthians That is great news! The word gates and doors here refer to the ones that were in the temple. We are the temple so there are gates and doors inside of us. When sin or trauma happen at the gates, then those gates close down and prevent the flow of resurrection power to come out of our spirit man into and through our soul then into and through our physical body. Sin has closed the gates.

We want to get them open so the King of Glory can come in to every part of our temple, and heal us in both soul and body. Jesus opened the very first gate inside of us. In the Old Testament pattern of the temple, there was a thick veil between the most holy place our spirit and the holy place our soul , but when Jesus died on the cross He ripped the veil.

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Jesus ripping the veil enables the power to flow from our spirit man into our soul. In fact the Bible says that this is why our soul has hope. Thank You Jesus for ripping the veil!

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Thank You for opening the ancient gates in our soul so that the King of Glory may come in! This is a wonderful explanation of Psalm So true! Thank you! Katie, thanks, I know I am very late in reading. I did get very blessed by this article as it gave me much insight, wisdom and knowledge into areas of my soul and how to get it healed. Thanks for being open to Jesus!!! Was listening to you speak the decrees over me you wrre talking about the ancient doors openng and the king of hlory coming in and somehow it disconnected.

This is so important to me was ministering. To soul wounds. Please send.

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  4. Name of this video i reaaly need this help for me and my family. He is a beautiful person and GOD sent him especially for me. I prayed for him.

    Lift Up Your Heads O Ye Gates

    We all have disagreements. I normally will overlook many disagreements. I go to sleep every night thinking that everything is ok because we always try to overlook the argument and in our minds we thought we forgave each other. I have to ask for forgiveness and ask for healing in my heart. Thanks Katie for the revelation that GOD has given you and now to me.

    Psalm NLT: Open up, ancient gates! Open up, ancient doors, and let the King of glory enter.

    It is helpful to understand more of our temple with clearer understanding. Inside the room, there will be eight corpses to fight before you can claim the loot. This gate is on the east side of the room with the big darkspawn fight and fire burning. There are two Genlock alphas waiting for you inside this very small room. Opening the gate will make 20 deepstalkers spawn in the room; they aren't particularly tough, but their numbers can make them difficult to handle. However, they are bunched tightly together, so area of effect attacks are very effective.

    Located in a cave in the Ruins of Heidrun Thaig, on the third level of the map, opposite the marker for the Heidrun Thaig Central Bridge expedition table operation. There is one corrupted spider inside the room. This gate can be difficult to find, does not have a map diamond and does not appear in the journal until after it is opened. Head south from the Heidrun Thaig Central Bridge to the large dwarven statue, just in front of the room that contains several darkspawn and an Emissary.

    To the left of the entrance, there's a narrow passage through the rocks. Follow the ledge around to reach the gate. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Note: This gate must be opened to complete the Gears in the Deep Roads collection. However, more gears can be collected than are required to open the gates, so you can open this gate last if you choose. Categories :.