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Meditation Made Easy & Enjoyable

Thoughts can be useful tools in helping you to learn your habitual patterns, and provide an invaluable insight in coming to know your own mind. In this lesson, Matteo will teach you to release your awareness beyond the restrictions of thinking, and to recognize and abide in the spaciousness you find as a result of both your physical and mental actions. Through meditation, you can train your mind to adopt a knowing awareness.

Rather than fleeting external experiences, which can leave a sense of dis-ease and dissatisfaction, a constant knowing awareness and internal focus can lead to contentment and empowerment in all aspects of your life. Deep meditation can allow absolute freedom, and resting in the space between thoughts is a great opportunity to practise both your awareness and spaciousness. In this lesson, Matteo takes you through one of his favourite exercises to help you practise and embrace the cycle of stillness, movement and awareness.

Meditation is not a single act, but an ever-changing process that is always in flux, and through allowing our awareness to be completely unbound, we can shine a light on our present experience with confidence. Matteo will outline how you can move forwards on your journey with his day meditation plan, and encourage you to continue sharing the wonderful benefits of meditation with others. Do you know a friend that would enjoy this course? Buy now and gift the course to a friend after check-out!

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Meditation Made Easy

For thousands of years, we have used the practice of meditation to come to know our hearts and minds in the innermost way. Using the simple tools of our body and mind, meditation can help us to unlock the incredible potential that exists within us, bringing about inner strength, calmness and emotional grounding, and enabling us to lead a life of joy and profound contentment. This comprehensive online video course is an inspiring introduction to the practice of meditation, offering a breadth of knowledge, case studies, practical techniques and teachings which will enable anyone, anywhere, to integrate meditation into their daily life and start experiencing the benefits.

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  4. The amazing effects of regular meditation will be far-reaching, and will help you to sleep better, relieve anxiety and improve concentration. This exclusive online course includes:. This exclusive online video course includes:. Add to cart. Lesson 1 :. Lesson 2 :. Focusing on the Present Moment.

    Lesson 3 :. Cultivating an Open Presence. Lesson 4 :. Meditation Off the Cushion. It is compact and very easy to use. The glasses and earphone block out external light and sound so it is a great traveling companion to keep you relaxed on trains, planes, and automobiles but not while driving. The regular glasses are used with eyes closed.

    It has 69 built in programs designed to accelerate, meditate, mind art for visualization, night voyage for sleep and dreaming, rejuvenation, and trance formation. You can also learn more about meditation, mantras and mindset in my newest book Zane Bodybuilding Manual which is the Ultimate reference guide.

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    • How To Meditate: Meditation Made Simple For Beginners.
    • 2. Establish a Habit.
    • 100M Minutes of Muse Meditation.
    • Focused attention on your breathing will rewire your brain.

    Follow Me! The Mind Muscle Machines glasses have LED lights on the inside, so that with closed eyelids you experience a kaleidoscopic light show in sync with a pulsating sound. I often ride stationary bike with one to make the time go quicker. See Frank on Instagram Follow Me! Sign up today to receive occasional health and fitness tips by email from Frank. We promise not to spam you or sell your information.

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