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Java Lane, Vanishing With Old Colombo

Here are some time-lapse images of his trip. While in Florence, they took a cooking class led by the charismatic chef Luca Morgillo.

Jakarta’s poorest living off rubbish heaps

Here's a short video showing some of the fun Jack and Kim had cooking with Luca. The goal of these videos is to illustrate pardon the artsy pun the fact that original artworks by Saskatchewan artists are not just things to display in galleries. On the contrary, original works by Saskatchewan artists are meant to be….

Jack has been an After Effects user for many years, and has been selected to beta test quite a few Adobe software products in the past. Adobe is set to introduce on Wednesday a new feature in its popular After Effects software, aimed at the visual effects community: Content-Aware Fill for video.

Content-Aware Fill is a tool currently available in Adobe Photoshop that uses algorithms to remove….

Escape to Africa With Your Cup of Java

Java Post Production at the premiere showing of "Daughter of the Wolf. The promotional poster for the Minds Eye Entertainment and Falconer Pictures action thriller "Daughter of the Wolf" has been released, and Java Post Production is proud to be part of the wolf pack bringing this movie to a screen near you, providing visual effects and final colour grading.

At Matoer there is a Dutch Controleur, and,at the house which served as his official residenceand also as a government rest-house,we had rijsta-fel, and then drove back towards Fort de Kock bya road leading through the villages of Simpang andPadang-Loear, much less interesting than the onetaken on the way out. At one point, where a fairor market was being held, we noticed a strangecircle of upright slabs of stone which reminded usvaguely of the much larger Druid remains atStonehenge.

The stones were in use as hitching-posts and the charmed circle within had beenappropriated as a playground by the children.

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We failed in all attempts to find out what was thereal significance of the arrangement, and at Fort deKock we failed to find anyone who even knew thatsuch a thing existed. The harnesses and the native drivers of the. On this drive fromMatoer to Fort de Kock we had the peculiarexperience of having one of our ponies fall in sucha way that the harness was broken to bits and thecar nearly passed over him,—and all this on aperfectly level stretch.

Java GUI Tutorial 3 - Adding images

Either the pony, or thedriver, or both, must have been asleep. In or , Admiral Pieter Both, the firstgovernor-general under the East India Company,decided to make Jacatra, rather than Bantam,the chief trading-post of Java and the seat of theadministrative headquarters. The English, onlya few years before, the allies of the Dutch againstthe common foe Portugal, had now become theirhated rivals, and showed their hostility in manyways, especially in stirring up the natives to apoint that threatened serious results.

As adefensive measure, in , Coen, the successor ofBoth as Dutch governor-general, fortified theJacatra post with moats and high walls with look-out towers commanding a view of the roadsteadand the land approaches. The value of theseprotective works was put to a test within a few.


Indonesia: livelihoods in East Java

In March,, the fort or citadel was christened Bataviaand the four bastions were named respectivelyHolland, Zeeland, West Friesland, and Gelderlandat a banquet within the fortifications, given, so faras we are able to learn, for the purpose of en-couraging the garrison to hold out. Two monthslater Coen returned and relieved the fort, levellingthe native town as a reprisal for the treacherousbehaviour of its inhabitants and firmly establish-ing Batavia as the centre of Dutch power and ad-ministration in the Indies.

From these beginningscame the city of to-day with its population of,

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