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Full name is Steven Karl Zoltan Brust. This author has been recommended by other readers. Related Sites [7 of 7 sites listed].

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Again, I apologize for disturbing you. I'd prefer it that way. I studied her face. Lady Teldra was worried about something. She was worried enough about something that she had allowed it to appear on her features, and something was wrong enough for her to have deliberately woken me up. This was almost more startling than her sudden appearance in the forest between Appertown and Ridge. When one knows an Issola, such as Lady Teldra, one gets so used to the grace, elegance, and manners of the House that one forgets its other side. The issola is a beautiful white bird. I'd seen several during my recent travels.

One usually saw them standing, graceful and lovely in the early morning or late evening, in swamps or the shallow banks of rivers.

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They stand as if their only reason for being were to look lovely and graceful. And then the issola would be holding a fish in its beak, and you'd never see it strike. And then the fish would be gone in a single swallow, and the issola would be standing on one leg, looking lovely and graceful. Lady Teldra looked lovely and graceful. I felt plain and clumsy. On the other hand, now that the adrenaline was no longer coursing through my system I realized that I was still pretty tired.

I blew out the candle. It had been a long time since I'd slept curled up with a warm body—it brought back memories that I'd been trying to suppress, and the fact that she wasn't human did little to help me forget. There had been a time when, every night, I had gone to sleep next to a woman I loved, and, evenbetter, woken up with her.

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  • Those days were over and beyond recall, and allowing myself to dwell on them could take from me the edge I needed to stay alert and alive. It took a while, but eventually I fell asleep, and when I woke up it was dawn, and she had climbed out of the furs and had a fire going. But, of course, she was an Issola: she would always seem to mean it.

    In the light of dawn, I saw that she was dressed in white and green, in a gown suited less to the wilderness than to her duties at Castle Black, home of the Lord Morrolan, where she'd welcome you into his home, serve you wine, and convincingly seem delighted to see you. For almost the first time in the years that I'd known her, I wondered: Just exactly what were her duties for Morrolan? She looked an inquiry at me, then held out her hand.

    I nodded and Loiosh flew over to her, landing delicately.

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    Her hand was stiff and slightly tilted, her elbow sharply bent: she knew the technique, though as far as I knew she'd never held a jhereg before. This failed to startle me. He turned around on her hand, launched himself, and returned to my right shoulder. Rocza, by now on my left shoulder, shifted and wriggled, which she often did in the morning. It probably meant something.

    There are many interesting facets to the character of the wild jhereg—poisonous reptilian scavengers of the jungle—but for some reason I got stubborn and decided not to learn about them. I imagine Teldra knew a lot about the wild issola.

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    There's bread, cheese, and the remains of a dried and salted wild boar in my pack, as well some dried gammon and jerky in my pouch. Help yourself while I vanish for a moment and get myself a little cleaned up. There's a stream about a hundred feet this way, just over that rise. I went off and did what was necessary and filled my water flask.

    When I returned Teldra had broken off several chunks of bread and, while they toasted on the rocks next to the fire, she was cutting up strips of cheese to lay across them. The bread started smelling good.

    19. Steven Brust's "Dragaeran" series? (In what order should I read...)

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