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How to MAKE MONEY with your CAMERA! The complete BEGINNERS GUIDE - Part 1

That is the reason video entrepreneurs are choosing to shoot popular school events and competitions. They are earning a living by selling those videos to the kids and their parents. Record Music Videos Celebrities are not the only ones making music videos these days.

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With a little creative vision, exciting camera angles and post-production effects, you could propel these local entertainers right into the spotlight! Trade them access to the musicians for a professionally edited commercial video for their venue. Given the fact that several of the suggestions above include creating professional advertisements for a variety of services, there is ample opportunity for video entrepreneurs to succeed in this niche. Fortune companies are not the only ones in need of advertising.

Small to medium sized companies often cannot afford the high price tag of good, quality professional production. Here are 70 micro job ideas for vtreps!

The real estate market is all about visual appeal. Imagine a succinct, compilation video that highlights the unique features of a specific property. For example, perhaps there is a complicated alarm system, or a 5-headed shower, or a tricky watering system for the garden. A video entrepreneur can earn income by featuring properties in a way that is exciting, unique, emotional and easy to understand. Once you have a few example videos in the can, it will be much easier to demonstrate the benefits of your services to professional real estate agents. Anyone looking for a job requires a strong resume, and these days, video resumes are gaining popularity rapidly because they instantly set potential successful candidates apart from the crowd of other applicants.

Therefore, many people are in search of solid videographers who can capture the best of their features and personality in video format.

How to Make Money With Your Camera

So why not take the chance and start shooting great video resumes? While video entrepreneurs may not find seminars and business meetings the most exciting subject, there is still money to be made by documenting such events. While this niche may not involve as much creativity as others, corporations are willing to pay handsomely to document their retreats.

We admit, this can be a difficult niche to enter. However, once you break in, you will be able to earn a living by recording the testimony and depositions of witnesses who are unable to make it to court.

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While videos recorded for legal and courtroom purposes do not require special editing or effects, they still require precision quality of voice and exceptional image making. Therefore, video entrepreneurs, if you can create great promotional videos for a variety of events you will have endless opportunities to make money with your video camera or smartphone, too!

You gotta see this…! Always read the terms and conditions before entering a competition and check that you keep your rights as a photographer. Commercial assignments are scarce in the travel industry, but not impossible to get. Think outside the box for potential clients — hotels, tour operators and tourist attractions all need photography to sell their services. Most freelance roles are landed by who you know, so attend networking and informal meetups to meet people. Sign up to sites like Travel Massive and TravMedia to hear about opportunities and make online connections.

Have a promotional postcard or business card featuring your best work with contact details on the back so that people can get in touch with you.

25 Ways to Earn Money With Your Camera

Westography is a great example of a location specific photography book documenting the Western suburbs of Melbourne. Make sure you look at their submission guidelines before sending it off.

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  • Are you an expert on a certain destination or type of photography? Kat Clay is a professional photographer and video producer who loves travelling the world. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

    How to monetize your photos online

    Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to main content Skip to footer. Stock Photography Sales One of the biggest ways you can make money as a travel photographer is through stock photography sites. Finally, to make sales, you need amazing photos — only upload your best images! Prints Another way to make money as a travel photographer is to sell your images as prints. Online Print Sales Print on demand stores You can sell prints through print on demand sites like Redbubble , who take care of orders and shipping for you.

    Third-party photography sites Another option is to use a third-party photography website and store builder such as SmugMug or Fotomerchant. You sign up for free, submit your pictures and once they go through the approval process and are accepted, they are added to their gallery where bloggers, online businesses, publishers and anyone else who needs quality pictures, can buy them. The best part about it is that one single picture can be sold over and over and over again.

    Buyers basically buy the right to use that picture not to own it. This is what makes it a lucrative business for good photographers. Obviously, you want to work with as many sites as you can. But one having your pictures for sale on one good site with hundreds of thousands of daily potential buyers outweighs the benefits of having your pictures on dozens of smaller sites that only get a few hundred potential daily buyers.

    To make money with your digital camera, the smart way, choose the top sites.

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    The ones that have a lot of traffic. Going with high traffic sites means you increase your chances of having your photos seen and bought by interested people. All photographs that you submit will first be checked by the stock photography websites to assess whether it meets their standards and requirements.

    Not only do you need to have a good quality photo, but you must also have an understanding of what types of photos are in demand. You have a better chance of getting your photo accepted if it is in a niche area and unique, rather than the common pictures of sunsets, sunrises, puppies, kittens, and flowers.