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This morning, I will go over the products with you, and explain selling points and basic info. I will be in and out and expect you to cover the booth on occasion. You put your mask back on and slip on your shoes. I put on my shorts and get out my tablet and other items needed for She was introduced as Margot at a party of a mutual friend. She was attractive and sexy but her conversation starter was, "You look kind of wimpy.

I was on the wrestling team in high school and won nearly all of my matches. Sure, that was Alex is beginning to feel at home in the south of France. He's got his dope, his own apartment, great weather and an easy job that generates some money. All is well except for the fact that Louise's personality and voluptuous body continue to confuse him.

He explored his surroundings, biked to Grasse and even In the second chapter young Alex is moving to the south of France. He only has a vague, childhood memory of Louise, his former neighbor, and is surprised to see that she is not only very pretty, but also quite cool for an adult. One small problem though: why does he have trouble keeping his eyes off her curvy body? My name is Edward Verde.

I was once held with some regard within high society, but my fall from grace began when some friends and I went to an opium den. This was quite the daring thing to do around London during We went to try our luck with the eastern dragon. My friends at the time made sure I had plenty to smoke, being one of the more reserved out of our troupe, they thought it I couldn't wait for the next morning.

All the things I wanted to put into effect had already been done. Now it was all about implementing them.

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I sat at the couch and wondered about who I wanted to promote. Sure, there were times where he could be a bit I really should have listened to Dwayne. He told me to stay away from her. He told me she was way out of my league. He told me she was dangerous. Besides, everyone picked on me and teased me and I thought this was one opportunity to tease back. Susan was on her knees, tears streaming down her porcelain cheeks as she begged and pleaded through piteous sobs. Implacable as granite, I deigned to sneer down on her and then I turned my back on her to stare out my window.

Please take me back! I know I have been a complete bitch and I need to make it up to The house was unusually silent when I returned from work. I stood in the downstairs hallway a moment, straining to hear any signs of my wife. Her car was in the driveway. The mirror alongside the front door reflected only my unshaven features that I rubbed once. My eyes appeared duller blue than usual, I was sure. The merger was more complicated than The ballroom lights were dim, and the band was playing something slow, seductive, and sexy.

Chantal and I along with the other hundred or so wedding guests swayed in a lazy drift around the ballroom. Make me: Visible to all Visible to friends Invisible to everyone Online - available to chat Away - unavailable to chat. Latest Forum Posts:. Join Lush. Hi Patti, could you elaborate on what you mean?

Or struggling to get hard? I may be able to suggest some things that might work. To Patti. My wife and I have had that problem when our session last a little too long or if she made me come to fast. But a couple of years ago I let my wife tie me and blindfold me, she discovered thati lost it when she lightly ran her fingertips all over me.

Since then she has done this a couple of timrs, but the first time she built me up then when I was moaning like a girl she violently started tearing into my ass with her tongue. I was ready to do anything. I want her to punish me if I cum or my dick goes by telling me I only deserve to get fucked like a woman. Sit on my face while she holds my legs open for their fingers and tongues to destroy my hole. The cravings she introduced me to are making me desperate enough to find a professional at this point.

I am a male who seeks a dominant female but has struck out so far. I did have an online Mistress for 2 years a long time ago but nothing since. I admit it. I am clueless. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. How to dominate a man with humiliation In the right context, doing your hair can be deeply sexy. How to dominate a man during sex There is nothing — repeat: nothing — that makes me feel more dominant than ordering a guy to fuck me with a strapon.

Anonymous says:. August 3, at pm. Girl on the net says:. Yingtai says:. Funloving Girl says:. Bobbi says:. October 27, at pm. F says:. August 6, at am. RB says:. August 10, at pm. Slutty Slave says:. May 10, at pm. DommeOfTheMonth says:. April 21, at pm. Fiddy says:. Azkyroth says:. August 4, at pm. Chaz says:. Rev-MFAbsolution says:. April 23, at pm. Owen says:. October 2, at am. August 5, at pm. Constance says:. August 11, at am. Serocco says:.

August 12, at am. Jungle Juice says:. August 23, at am. Tom says:. February 8, at pm. June 9, at am. Ken says:. August 13, at pm. Lexi says:. August 15, at pm. Mike says:. February 21, at am. Emma says:. September 4, at pm. September 28, at pm. Strippednakedmale says:. September 6, at am. Martin says:. January 11, at am. Mistress V says:. Many men are whipped on those nights. Men choose to become the slave of Mistress Owners on the Materfamilias Estates.

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Enslavement is permanent. Some slave husbands have jobs in the outside world. Most remain on the estates. Maintenance, repair, gardening and construction leave men with little idle time. Keeping busy helps a slave remain content with his status. Religion is personal. For many men, Mistress Owner is a Goddess. Worship brings happiness. Cruel treatment of men on the Materfamilias Estates. Domina Olive owns a publishing company. It produces female domination books, magazines and sex toys designed for dominant women.

She lives in the Materfamilias Estates.

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Training young men for lives as sissy maidservants is her most beloved hobby. Femdom is her life. On graduating from high school last year, Donnie felt anxious, confused. No profession, no craft offered fulfillment. Attendance at cooking school was a way to fill his days. Maybe he would become a chef. He thrilled at the imagine of women praising his cooking. He wanted to both cook for women and serve their table. Donnie masturbated, picturing himself as a waitress. The customer was angry. The meal was poorly cooked. She demanded the meal be prepared again.

She spanked Donnie the waitress while the chef again Donnie was in the kitchen. He was confused. The Internet makes it easy for a man to discover his submissiveness and masochism. Donnie learned about his submissiveness. Realized his masochism. He felt desperate to meet a dominant woman. Donnie went to a munch group. There he met Domina Olive.

She offered to help him learn about his desires. To satisfy his needs. Donnie had the best intentions. They were not enough. Domina Olive had to spank him at least once every time they met.

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Domina Olive assigned writing projects. Donnie created a blog on BlogSpot. He wrote about his struggle to conform to orders. Interested Dommes and malesubs offered encouragement and advice. He wrote about his fantasies. Posted his favorite Femdom art. He became better able at distinguishing the impossible, unlikely and desirable. His ego relaxed; his shame vanished. The Superior Ladies of the Materfamilias Estates always have need of new servitors. Donnie became the property of an elegant, sadistic and wise Mistress Owner.

A playground for adults. Materfamilias Estates has several. Mistress Owners bring slave men for outdoor play and punishment sessions. Cuffs and chains hang from trees. Spanking benches are plentiful. Objectification, few psychological tools are better for keeping a male mindful his low status. Using men as furniture is favored form of objectification.

Men are often used as chairs. It is similar to being stretched on the rack. Safer, but more painful.

Each sweep of the swing brings fresh agony. This game leaves slave men temporarily disabled. For three or four days they cannot walk. Or even lift a bowl of food.

“Double Spiral”

Mistress Owner holds their penises tightly. They feel no pleasure. It is not like being masturbated. Yanked again and again their crotch will ache for days. This temporarily prevents slaves from useful labor. She does this only when males need punishment.

Maintenance cane whippings are an ordinary part of daily life for the slaves. Maintenance discipline, rather than punishment keeps the men mindful of their inferior status. Early training shapes the rest of their lives.

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Deference to female authority marks their routine movements. Self-effacing, the males never betray the slightest independence. No man deviates from protocols. Like other men owned by a strong Mistress, they worship their owner. Now an adult, she will take possession of her first male slave. Even the most docile new slave undergoes phallic flogging. Four times each day for the first month. If he complains, or displeases his trainer, a knotty cane replaces the whip. The slaves cry, scream and beg. This is permitted.

The men must learn the futility of tears. Pain is avoided only by perpetually pleasing Mistress. Slave trainees are repeatedly admonished. Disobedience, imperfect service will be punished with another month of genital torment. At the end of the month many slaves are impotent. All have permanent phallic scars. Locked in transparent chastity devices, the welts memorialize their training. During her adolescence, the young Mistress has struggled with her natural dominance and cruelty. She developed a gift for accidentally on purpose humiliating and hurting her male classmates.

When his month of training ends, the slave will be sent to the Materfamilias Estates Slave Clinic. Surgery will be need to enable urination. Juan Puyal. Bettie and Vanessa are next-door neighbors. They live on the Materfamilias Estates. The two women have a common background and share many tastes.

They are best friends.

Guide Getting to Submission Two: Four More Flash Tales of Female Domination

Carlton serves Vanessa. Because their Mistress Wives spend so much time together, the two slave husbands have bonded as well. Each male serves both women. Bettie and Vanessa instructed Carlton and Nate to reinforce the depth of their mutual submission and quality of service. The Mistress Wives have extended the principle to punishment. When one slave errs, both receive punishment.

Carlton is a bit clumsy. At first, Nate resented his extra punishments. But he knows that he is lucky to have a best friend. It is a rare privilege on the Materfamilias Estates. He would rather be whipped than lose his friend. Because they delight in disciplining the slave husbands Bettie and Vanessa find great entertainment in this arrangement. They have an amiable competition, each striving for originality. Racing is a favorite pastime in the Materfamilias Estates.

Carts pulled by slave men is the most common form of race. Despite heavy lashing as they run, this is the easiest race for slaves. He rushes forward on hands and knees.