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That was another thing that would have to be checked out. Muttering angrily, she flipped the gear into reverse and the vehicle jolted backwards violently. She floored the brake to halt the unwarranted momentum and simultaneously heard, as well as felt, a soft, resounding thud. She got out of the car just as the heavens unleashed a torrential downpour. Bracing herself against the monsoon, she rushed to the rear of the car and then froze.

Lying there on its back, with its arms spread like angel wings, a porcelain doll with glazed eyes stared up into the stormy sky. The doll was wearing pink pajamas and had thick, tangled hair. A small pool of dark red blood was forming a halo above its head. No flowers decorated the bedside table, no cards from family members. There was no visible evidence that anyone cared about the person who occupied the room. Nothing, you say? I still have to get up every day, work, pay bills, and pretend to live, but you, you can just stay asleep until your heart stops beating.

He wore a faded blue hospital-issue gown that stripped him of any dignity he might have had in his conscious life. Mercifully, the lower half of his body was concealed by blankets, which hid limbs emaciated by disuse, as well as the intravenous tubing and other necessary apparatus. Even in his sallow-skinned comatose state, he was a handsome man with finely chiseled features, raven-black hair and darkly arched eyebrows. She focused on the shadows beneath his closed eyes and the long eyelashes fanning them.

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Alive but dead. Jasmine squeezed her eyes shut and continued to talk. Imagine that. She likes to play with her dolls in the hallway just outside my door. She used to run away when I opened it, but yesterday she just stayed there. It amazed her that she could cry so much when she was alone with him, yet at the most tragic and poignant moments in her adult life she rarely shed tears.

Maybe it was because talking to Noah was only one step up from talking to herself. The drawn shades were lightening, telling her that in a short time a new day would dawn. She remembered the pleasure of watching the sun ascend over the Hudson River during early morning jogs through the nearby park when she used to live in the suburbs. She recalled the laughs she used to share with her childhood friend Valerie as they ran, talking about work and the impossible men in their lives. During the day she spent most of her time escaping into the benign world of sleep, shutting out all the obnoxious sounds of the city and its people.

Initially she had been crushed by the unfairness of the dismissal. Coral Cove. Coral Cove Coral Cove. Tropical Flame. Tropical Flame Tropical Flame. Sunset Shimmer. Sunset Shimmer Sunset Shimmer. Sweet Melon Fluo. Sugar Sweet Pea. Coral Coral.

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Spring Splash. Spring Splash Spring Splash. Tangarine Tangarine. Free Spirit. Fullers Earth. Fullers Earth Fullers Earth. Rustic Terracotta. Rustic Terracotta Rustic Teracotta. Sweet Toffee. Sweet Toffee Sweet Toffee.

Judi Rose. Judi Rose Judi Rose. Wild Berry. Wild Berry Wild Berry. The Rebel. Copper Kettle. Copper Kettle Copper Kettle. Desert Sunset. Desert Sunset Desert Sunset. Sparkling Shower. Sparkling Shower The Bridal Colour Collection This mesmerizing gold is glamorous and elegant at the same time, gracefully sparkling as it plays with light. Tinsel A metallic glitter sensation! The perfect tinsel for merriment this festive season. Gilded Reflection. Her Majesty. Totally Topaz. Daffodil Daffodil. Isla del Sol. Isla del Sol Isla del Sol. Dream Catcher.


The Rio. Appletini Appletini. Spring Maple Leaf. Catch The Wind. Catch The Wind An intense yet bright green, that will no doubt appeal to those Ibiza types in their romantic cheesecloth dresses. Wilting Bouquet. Pistachio Green. Pistachio Green Pistachio Green. Hazy Forest. Hazy Forest Plant house tranquility meets contemporary elegance this season. Free Lovin'. New Glam. New Glam This fabulous shade of turquoise is bold and beautiful, the jazz hands of nail colour.

All Nighter. All Nighter This aqua shade is cool, calm and collected. Free Imagination. Turquoise Tea Cup. Hazy View. Hazy View Hazy View. Aqua Clouds. Aqua Clouds This heavenly sky blue colour will connect your senses and refresh your look this summer. Aquacade Aquacade. Polar Blue. Polar Blue Polar Blue. Bohemian Beauty. Darling Blue. Dreams Are Forever. Havana Nights. Denim Denim.

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  8. Violet Violet. Passion This raging dark plumb colour is sensual and strong. Lavender Nights. Lavender Nights Lavender Nights. High Tea Tulip. Amethyst Amethyst. Royal Turban. Royal Turban Royal Turban. Wild Orchid. Wild Orchid A soft luxurious violet colour reminiscent of the first fragrance of spring. Samba Your Socks Off. Treasure Chest. Lilac Lullaby. Lilac Lullaby Lilac Lullaby. Princess Lilla Lilac. Vibrant Violet. Vibrant Violet Vibrant Violet. More Is Definitely More.

    Cherry Liqueur. Cherry Liqueur Cherry Liqueur. Primula Primula. Plum Passion. Plum Passion Plum Passion. Dark Plum. Dark Plum Dark Plum. Millenium Lilac. Millenium Lilac Millenium Lilac. Black Aubergine. Black Aubergine Black Aubergine. Shimmering Joy. Shimmering Joy The satin finish of this pinky nude adds a subtle layer of glamour and a high end finish to a classic nail colour.

    Baby Doll. Baby Doll Baby Doll. Sweet Candy Breath. As his reward for this new level of awareness, John was reunited with his late wife, Katma Tui. However, tragedy struck once again and Hal Jordan, possessed by Parallax , destroyed both the Guardians and the Central Power Battery, robbing John of his newfound powers and his resurrected wife. Following " Emerald Twilight " and the collapse of the Green Lantern Corps, Stewart was recruited by the Controllers to command the Darkstars , another interstellar peacekeeping force.

    Stewart eventually regained the use of his legs as a parting gift from Jordan before Jordan sacrificed himself to destroy the Sun-Eater during the " The Final Night " storyline. As a result of Jordan healing him, he began to exhibit random bursts of energy from his hands that he was able to discharge on three different occasions. Though he had initially refused a new Green Lantern ring months prior, he eventually accepted a new one entrusted to Kyle Rayner by a time-lost Hal Jordan, and joined the Justice League to fill in for Rayner as he took an extended leave of absence from Earth.

    With the return of Hal Jordan and the Guardians, the Corps has been reorganized. Each sector of space now has two Green Lanterns assigned to it, and Stewart and Jordan now share regular duty for Earth's sector, After the dissolution of the Justice League in the aftermath of the events depicted in the miniseries Identity Crisis , and the destruction of their Watchtower headquarters on the moon , Stewart has begun playing a larger role in metahuman affairs, working with many former Justice Leaguers. During the " 52 " storyline, John Stewart alongside Hal Jordan are involved in one of the first post-Freedom of Power Treaty confrontations.

    The details John Stewart disguised himself as the bounty hunter "Hunger Dog" to undercover in Europe. This led to a confrontation with Amon Sur, who turns out to be the son of their predecessor, Abin Sur. During the fight, Amon receives a ring from the Sinestro Corps and vanishes.

    In Justice League of America vol. After Bedovian takes out several Green Lanterns, John Stewart uses his power ring as a scoped sniper rifle to track the nearby sectors. He eventually discovers Bedovian's hiding spot and shoots him. As Green Lantern Corps member were forbidden from killing sentient beings at that time, Bedovian survived the attack, as recently seen in the Blackest Night crossover.

    The earth-based Lanterns then return home, only to find that New Earth, as the center of the Multiverse, is the Sinestro Corps' next target. The Sinestro Corps and the Manhunters invade Earth.


    John orders Guy to retrieve a painting by Kyle Rayner's mother. When Parallax absorbs Hal inside himself, John looks on with sudden shock. Guy returns and shoves the painting into Parallax's eyesight, allowing Hal to use it to help Kyle overcome his fears and expel Parallax. Ganthet and Sayd then reveal that they are no longer Guardians.

    Ganthet gives Kyle a new power ring and asks Kyle to become a Green Lantern again, to which he agrees. The four then race off to finish the fight. Stewart, desiring more information about the secrecy of the forbidden prophecies, declined the offer, to the extreme disappointment of the Guardians.

    It has also been revealed that John served in the Marine Corps as a sniper prior to becoming an architect. During the Rage of the Red Lanterns story arc, John Stewart is one of the guards assigned to escort Sinestro to Korugar to face execution. Saint Walker conjures up a blue energy construct of Katma Tui, who heals John and calms him by showing him a vision of flying with Katma. John later tells Kilowog that he is going to see Katma again, saying that "the universe said so".

    In that same issue, Fatality is converted into a Star Sapphire , and orders her ring to locate John Stewart. Before departing, she encourages John to forgive himself for what happened to Xanshi. Stewart appears in the Trinity series. He is the one to first attack the alien creature Konvikt, but when he's on the verge of defeating him, his concentration suddenly snaps, and starts muttering incoherently in binary code.

    A moment later, he spontaneously generates complex weapons from his body, by means unrelated to his ring. Later, he attempts to overexert himself to know how he generated those weapons by running a brutal training session against holographic Qwardian Thunderers, which does not work. He later shows Firestorm the machinery used to monitor the Cosmic Egg imprisoning Krona , but as he leaves again, he suffers from a relapse and start generating knives from his uniform, and it is revealed the entire system is broken.

    Later, on board the Antimatter Earth Crime Syndicate satellite, he again loses control and nearly brings down the satellite with his blasts. It is revealed these discharges are brought about due to John's absorption of a Qwardian superweapon, the Void Hound, which has been trying to escape its containment, or at least seize control of Stewart.

    After the sweeping, devastating effects of the spell engineered by Morgaine le Fey and Enigma , he is seen in an Earth under the control of a totalitarian Justice Society, where all Green Lanterns are forbidden to be. He eventually starts breaking down, and with the Void Hound gaining enough hold on him to force him to create a black hole which forces him back to Earth, he has no choice but to comply. The Void Hound is later revealed to be a servant of Krona, and its hold over John is broken when Krona is defeated.

    After a massive battle between the JLA and the Shadow Cabinet , John chooses to stay with the League despite many of its members choosing to leave. The League arrives in the Himalayas , discovering Kimiyo and Superman's friend Icon engaged in a fierce battle with the cosmic vampire known as Starbreaker. When John visits the grave of planet Xanshi, thousands of black rings fly into the planetary debris, and reconstitute the entire planet.

    While battling them all, Katma tries to weaken John by claiming that he caused the planet's destruction. However, John, spurred on by Fatality's words, says that he wasn't the cause of it all and successfully fights off the Black Lanterns. In the events of Brightest Day, John is seen on Oa, supervising the demolition of the buildings left in ruins after the Black Lanterns attack, and planning the reconstruction.

    Suddenly, he is called to the Guardians' chamber, where they order him to join Alpha Lantern Boodikka in a mission to robot planet Grenda, Stel 's homeworld, where the communications ceased abruptly without explanation, and Lantern Stel and the population are missing. John agrees and departs with Boodikka. After arriving on the planet, the two confirmed the Guardians report: the entire population has mysteriously disappeared.

    John asks Boodikka if something of her older self remains despite being turned into an Alpha Lantern, after she asks him why he refused to join the Alpha Lanterns. Boodikka responds that her changes are only physical, and she still has her former personality; John doubts this affirmation. The two discover what seems to be a Green Lantern House Sector, that, according to Boodikka, is not registered. After entering inside, they discovered Green Lanterns Horoq Nnot and Stel; the last one tells John he must flee from the planet immediately.

    Suddenly, Boodikka turns against John and attacks him; John fights back, but he's surrounded by more rogue Alpha Lanterns and is defeated. It's revealed that the Alpha Lanterns have begun a revolt against the rest of the Corps, and have allied themselves with the Cyborg Superman now with an Alpha Lantern battery , taking control of Grenda to use the planet as their hidden base to turn Green Lanterns into Alpha Lanterns.

    John Stewart is last seen wounded and bleeding, being taken to Henshaw by Boodikka. Cyborg Superman then begins the cosmetic surgery to turn John into another Alpha Lantern. Before starting the operation, however, Henshaw connects Stewart's brain to his memories in order to see why he was turned into a cyborg.

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    He also reveals to John, that, after being resurrected by the Manhunters after the Sinestro Corps War, he returned to Earth in the middle of the Blackest Night , and pleaded to the Black Lanterns among them are the former crew of his space shuttle and Nekron to kill him, only to discover that because he did not have a physical heart, he was invisible to them. Angered for being ignored by death itself, the Cyborg Superman encountered the mysterious hooded stranger who abducted the entities of the Emotional Spectrum.

    He convinced him that Ganthet has the power and knowledge to turn Alpha Lanterns into normal beings again. John realizes that Henshaw organized the revolt of the Alpha Lanterns with the sole purpose to attract Ganthet to the planet Grenda and forced him to turn Henshaw into a mortal being again. Kyle and Soranik burst into the lab and manage to rescue John, but Ganthet is captured.