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As long as you’re happy: Cub Sport are becoming themselves

Maguire and Wickham on Jayne Fisher appointment. Jayne Fisher is due to start working in the Labour leader's office. Norman Smith on social care funding announcement. Communities secretary Sajid Javid on social care funding. Why Davies wants to join equality committee. Reviewing the 'longest-ever PMQs'. PMQs: '13 years and no action whatsoever' on social care. PMQs: Corbyn: Get a grip and fund it properly please.

PMQs: PM urged to sack 'passive transport secretary'. Was this the longest-ever PMQs? PM asks Corbyn to get Aslef to call off Southern rail strikes. Corbyn and May on social care budget claims. PM says foreign sec is an FFS - a fine foreign secretary. Andy McDonald on strike action. Penny Mordaunt on strike action. Rail strikes and other industrial action. Andy McDonald on Aleppo. Penny Mordaunt on Aleppo. Southern rail strike: Herbert v Whelan. Beckett on Labour: We have not cracked it yet.

Brexit tracker: Environment, food and rural affairs. Should big shops stay closed on Boxing Day? BBC political editor on Unite union vote. John Redwood on Liam Fox comments. Southern Rail strike update from London's Victoria rail station. What's the Southern strike about? Margaret Beckett on Morning Star coverage of Aleppo. How to fund social care in England? Brexit tracker: Home Office. Should UK give EU citizens the right to remain? Meet the team who turn MPs' words into text.

Is prison food affecting inmates' behaviour? Crochet: Would you like to hold Michael Gove? Vaizey: It's true, I am incredibly dull in Parliament. Vaizey asked about Ken Clarke comments. The political week ahead. Who cares about the colour of a UK passport? Jess Phillips on poll ratings and by-election results. Ed Vaizey talks Morgan and trousers. Are the Remainers now leading the resistance? Can Labour recover after by-election slip-up? Chris Leslie: Labour needs to have a credible plan. Ken Livingston: Labour has a plan already. Livingstone gives Corbyn 12 months.

Is Really British shop really racist? By-election result 'humiliating' for Labour. Wanting a political book for Christmas? Can crowdfunding help pay for politics? Dan Snow talks crowdfunding. Rifkind lists two problems for Boris Johnson. Reaction to Boris Johnson's comments about Saudi Arabia. Could Momentum become its own party? Should all elections be first past the post? MP tells Commons about voting systems. A look back at some political highlights of so far. Not often we have breaking news about tax.

Paul Mason talks Momentum and groups on the political left. Stephen Kinnock talks Brexit. Bernard Jenkin talks Brexit. MPs are asking Theresa May about her vision for Brexit. Boris Johnson talks 'proxy wars'. MP raises 'chaos and utter misery' for Chase Line passengers. Carolyn Harris asks for meeting on meeting child funeral costs.

Nigel Dodds asks David Lidington about Brexit. Peter Bone question to 'excellent acting prime minister's. Job centre closures question from the SNP. Laura K won the Press Gazette journalist of the year award. Stephen Gethins on Brexit and indyref2. Second Scottish independence referendum? Getting muddy, or being clear, on the Daily Politics. What's going on over Brexit and Article 50 talks? Who is David Lidington? MPs applaud year-old Holocaust campaigner. Does government want UK to stay in EU customs union? Tory MP calls for for Tory minister to resign. Should the House of Lords be cut in size?

Rail changes 'wholly unnecessary'. What's the big issue for Sleaford voters? Frosty relations on Russian politics. Is the House of Lords too big? Prof John Curtice on by-elections. Pienaar on May and Brexit. Pienaar on human rights issues for PM. Explainer: Reorganising the railways. Casey: Time to have honest conversations. Louise Casey on her review into opportunity and integration. A guide to political 'rudery'.

What do the markets make of Italian vote? Article Dorries v Gardiner. Nadine Dorries on political insults. What's in the political diary this week? Don't talk over each other, says Jo Coburn. BBC correspondent at the Supreme Court. What is going in the Supreme Court about Article 50? Barry Gardiner on Italian vote. Nadine Dorries on Brexit and Italian vote. Nick Clegg on Article 50 and single market access. Diane Abbott on Labour's stance on immigration.

Clegg: Lib Dem will block Article 50 "in certain circumstances". Nick Clegg on free trade and single market. Diane Abbott on immigration. Would Labour have a policy on immigration? Time for a new UK capital city? The political week in 60 seconds. Farron: Some EU nations face 'similar pressures to us'. Tim Farron on by Richmond Park by-election result.

Farron asked about a Hard Brexit. Does today's political drama recall the s? What do political whips do? Why is UK immigration still rising? MP: Some parents can't afford to bury their children. Who wants a Brexit book for Christmas? Does PM accept economic plans were a failure? Labour wants people 'to live on benefits'. Christians 'fearful' of mentioning faith. What links Winston Churchill and beef suet? UK businesses and Brexit. How is British business after Brexit vote? Airport and Brexit choice for Richmond voters. Secret papers keep getting caught on camera. What does Trump's win mean for climate change?

How many independent MPs can you recall? Digby Jones on the work MPs do. Labour MP on aid drops to Syria. MPs debate air drops to Syria. Film: Ticket touts 'threaten music industry'. Debate: How to beat the ticket touts. Brexit update. A new legal challenge to block Brexit? Which UK politicians will go to Castro's funeral? Second Corbyn Christmas record to be released. Brexit: Should there be a second referendum?

Ashworth: NHS in 'biggest financial squeeze in its history'. Paddy Ashdown on Brexit. Owen Paterson on Brexit. What does Women's Equality Party stand for? Is a political party for women's interests needed? Past and present threats to Latvia's defence. Where does the EU stand on Turkey joining as a member?

What's happened in European politics this week? Conservative MP on welfare cuts: The fight goes on. Is Tony Blair's return to political stage welcomed? Is it a black day for the economic prospects of British workers. Should "appalling fruitcakes" be jailed for war medal fraud? Reviewing the Autumn Statement. Jo Cox murder 'a political assassination'. Civil service planning for Brexit: Bernard Jenkin.

Civil service planning for Brexit: Alistair Carmichael. Can Scotland get its own deal with the EU? Who will get to trigger Article 50? Autumn Statement index. Autumn Statement preview: Perry v Dowd. Looking ahead to the Autumn Statement. Conservative MP on talk of Ambassador Farage? Perry and McDonald on rail strikes and safety. Should fake war heroes go to jail? Richard Westcott on background to Southern Rail strikes. Why does gov't chief whip keep a tarantula on his desk? Hannan: Begin phased, gradual repatriation of power. What now for UK-EU relations?

Where do parties stand on immigration? Why are Tories dropping election candidate? What CBI wants to hear from political leaders. Dan Hannan on Theresa May's business plans. Cat Smith on Corbyn and May business plans. Political leaders address the CBI. The French presidential contes. Tory MP on leaving customs union and single market. Suella Fernandes on 'Hard Brexit' pressure group. Open Britain Director on single market arguments. Will MPs unite to block boundary review? Bike boss on Boris Johnson and Brexit.

Will Trump win bring Russia and West closer? Political week in 60 seconds. Stop cuts to ESA? Owen Paterson on leaving the Custom Union. Russia's activities in Ukraine and Syria. Landale on why PM is in Berlin. What are Labour's business and Brexit plans? Give Trump a chance? What now for European politics? Corbyn for Christmas number one? Figures show the UK retail sector is out-performing predictions. Issues on the horizon across Europe. Bill Cash on Lords reform U-turn. Why has the government dropped its plans for Lords reform? Shadow Minister without Portfolio on the UK economy.

Housing minister asked about 'economic shock warnings'. Number crunching on the UK economy. Corbyn: No Brexit plan due to cabinet 'divisions'. May: Corbyn 'incapable of leading'. PM 'should get a grip on inquiry she set up'. Is a Lord Farage on the cards? MP puts PM on spot over his parents. SNP questions on Brexit. PM's tribute to Croydon tram crash victims.

Speaker intervenes in noisy PMQs. Speaker intervenes again at PMQs. Philip Davies questions PM on prisoner release. What next for departing politicians? Quentin Letts on politicians after politics. Tax and spending: Long-Bailey vs Duncan Smith. Is there an EU army on the way? FILM: Celebs who threaten to emigrate.. Tanni Grey-Thompson wants investment in gyms and pools. How will a post-Brexit UK trade internationally? Statue to commemorate first atheist MP. Yvette Cooper talks Strictly. US election night result timings for British viewers.

Jeremy Vine on complicated maths decides US election. Anna Turley MP: Guys, we are being filmed! Brexit debate: Carmichael v Villiers. A Poldark of the North? Plenty of voters queueing up to vote. Jacob Rees-Mogg changes his mind on US election. Jacob Rees Mogg on criticism of Judges in Brexit case. Liz Kendall on criticism of Judges in Brexit case.

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Soapbox: 'They're not sorry and they have not changed'. Does the UK welcome Indian students and workers? Will Brexit happen? And who will back it? Benefit cap could affect 88, families. Brexit fireworks in the aftermath of Article 50 ruling. Richard Burgon: Labour will not block Brexit process. Lord Forsyth: Parliament will look 'ridiculous' if it blocks Brexit. US Election: Clinton or Trump? Lord Forsyth on the High Court ruling. Jeremy Vine and his US Election graphics.

Simon Burns MP on why he's backing Clinton. Andrew Neil with the latest on the US Election. Stephen Phillips MP standing down from Parliament. Owen Smith could back another EU referendum. What's happened in Westminster this week? BBC political editor on Article 50 ruling.

Iraq people 'suffered more than they had to'. How far can we go in mocking religions? How accurate were pre-referendum economic forecasts? Brexit select committee chair on court decision. Will court decision lead to early UK election? A top five of political cartoons?

Andrew Bridgen on the 'dark clouds' over Keith Vaz's reputation. What does a falling pound really mean? What are Community Protection Notices? Tapping up council spending. Should unpaid internships be banned? Energy prices will rise in the new year, says Martin Lewis. Soapbox: 'Let's have quotas for low-skilled work'. How it will be easier to track your MP's votes. What's going on with welfare and benefit changes? Nominations close in UKIP leadership race. Mordaunt on Wollaston health and social funding claims. Will welfare cuts hit incomes of the least well off? IDS calls for cuts in Universal Credit to be reversed.

Shadow Business Minister welcomes Nissan decision. Should cuts in Universal Credit be reversed? Shadow Business Minister on Nissan. Who is winning by-election seats? Kwarteng: Sad to say we missed every target. Gardiner: 'Can't do a deal for one and not for the other'. Are these the worst political insults? How will the EU balance its financial books? A one-minute guide to the European political week. How half a nation nearly ended major trade deal. What matters in Richmond: Heathrow or Brexit?

Were the Brexit economic forecasts correct? Why don't politicians answer the question? Are peers plotting over referendum result? Bid for 'fullest possible access' to single market. Goldsmith 'regrets' Heathrow by-election pledge. Gove grades government 'A' but no 'A-star'. What's going on in the Calais jungle? PM questioned over Chilcot Inquiry. PM asked about Tory manifesto health pledge. Speaker gives Tory MP a health warning.

Corbyn and May on 'Brexit means Brexit'. DP presenters have no clue about guess the year anyway. Will Labour stand for Zac Goldsmith's seat? Why no Conservative candidate to challenge Zac Goldsmith. Lib Dem candidate on Conservative 'infighting' Lib Dem unity. Is the UK doing enough over the Calais migrant issue?

Is politics a science? Press regulation explained. How should the press be regulated? Is outsourcing the answer for public services? Heathrow expansion: Westminster's worst-kept secret? Who backs Heathrow and will it happen? There will be a by-election in south west London over Heathrow. Soapbox film: 'Anything but coal must be the motto'. Debate: 'Fracking won't come on line for 10 to 15 years'. UKIP leadership candidate on 'exaggerated' claims.

Some of the UKIP leadership candidates. What's Brexit got to do with devolved bodies? When did David Cameron lose EU referendum? What is the significance of the battle for Mosul? Will commitment to Trident renewal be in Labour's next manifesto? Paul Nuttall on his leadership bid. Paul Nuttall on Farage's 'support' for Donald Trump. Rory Stewart on battle for Mosul. Danger to UK increased by Mosul success, warns Minister. What's going on in Aleppo? What will Russia do if Aleppo falls?

Why are questions being asked about tax credit payments? Will sat nav revamp save low bridges? Leanne Wood: 'Being in opposition working very well for us'. Jean Claude Juncker talks Theresa May. What does Brussels think of Brexit? What happened in the two Thursday by-elections? A Brexit vote for MPs and new referendum? Will food prices go up or down after Brexit? Feeling blue over new passport colour? Who opposes the snoopers' charter? Reporter on the double defecting councillor. Nick Clegg on colour of UK passports. Andrew Rosindell on colour of UK passports.

Pollster on the US election polls suggesting Clinton win. Oliver Dowden on Brexit and immigration. Nick Clegg on Brexit. Nick Clegg on Sir Philip Green vote. Online football players and the Brexit rule. Ken Clarke asks PM about his claims of Brexit leaks. PM asked about funding for Birmingham pub bombing inquests. MP asks about 'government's appalling two-child policy and rape clause. Corbyn and May on council and health funding.

Jeremy Corbyn on the Aberfan disaster. Can I press her for another present? PM's tribute on the Aberfan disaster. Rachael Maskell on child refugees coming to the UK. David Davies on the refugees heading to the UK. How old are the Calais migrant 'children'? FILM: Private members' bills 'broken and discredited'. Thousands of pharmacies to be closed by cuts? Battle to retake Iraqi city of Mosul from so-called Islamic State. Nick Boles not keen to recall Tory leadership race. Here, exclusively for Waterstones, McManus considers the challenges and rewards of a story where every character has their say.

Wherever we are in the country, water defines our landscape; from jagged, dramatic coastlines, secluded sandy beaches and secret freshwater pools, to our grandest cityscape rivers and meandering country streams. Nobody knows our water-shaped landscape better than Tristan Gooley, natural navigator and author of the bestselling How to Read Water. We gave him the enormously challenging task of picking just five favourite British waterside locations and here, exclusively for Waterstones, he explains why these locations hold a special significance. Only now, years after their deaths, is it possible to work out who they really were' When it comes to espionage, the truth is invariably stranger than fiction, as author Henry Hemming discovered when he began researching his new book M.

From animal-loving housewives to dandy booksellers, Hemming introduces the real-life agents drawn out from the shadows of history. As he hands on the baton to Lauren Child and hopefully puts his feet up for a well-earned cup of tea and a biscuit or three, we at Waterstones offer all our thanks for his work and for taking us along on his extraordinary Waterstones Children's Laureate journey. However, when novelist Will Hill came to research the group, he found himself drawn to a different side of the story, to the lives of the children who had survived.

Here, he explains how the legacy of Waco shaped his novel, After the Fire. When it comes to espionage fiction, however, you should never say never and now, five years later, Alex Rider is back in explosive form in Never Say Die. Our Thriller of the Month for June, The Dry, is a twisting, atmospheric drama, where a horrific murder in a dirt-blown, drought-ridden Australian town becomes the perfect crucible for seething underlying malice and long-buried secrets to come to light.

Exclusively for Waterstones, author Jane Harper takes us behind the scenes for the places and experiences that influenced her novel. With so much parenting advice aimed at mums, it's easy for new dads to feel lost in the wilderness, armed for parenthood with nothing but dimly remembered advice from their own parents to "not stick that up your nose" and "put your seatbelt on".

But fear not, help is at hand. We've rounded up the top recommendations from Waterstones' bookselling dads for the best books to buy to prepare for everything fatherhood throws at you. We also caught up with Matt Coyne, creator of the phenomenally popular blog Man Vs. Baby and author of the hilarious and brilliant book Dummy, for his top 5 tips on coping with being a new dad.

Joseph Kanon discusses location scouting for Defectors and how he got under the skin of Cold War Moscow. Here, especially for Waterstones, they offer two winning recipes for cooking up a hearty, meat-free weekend feast. And even though the fish teemed in certain bays, no whales or walrus fed or bred there anymore. Now Paull is back with The Ice, a dark tale of murder and corruption amidst the collapsing Arctic, set in a near-future shaped by environmental chaos. Here, exclusively for Waterstones, she takes readers behind the real-world crisis that inspired her.

We caught up with author Emma Cline to talk about creating an immersive Californian noir, honest depictions of female sexuality and that ever-tricky label, 'girl'. A chance to turn the best take-away food into home-cooked favourites you can tweak to make your own. In short, in order to reach big, you need to start by thinking small. Worry not, you're not alone. Authors Rory Gallagher and Owain Service have taken insights gleaned from their work inside the world's first Nudge Unit to produce Think Small, a book that shows that the solution is easier than we might think.

Here, exclusively for Waterstones, they offer a 7-step guide to creating and sticking to your best laid plans. Its author, Emma Carroll, has already proved herself adept at turning her hand to any genre; with such delights as the ghostly tale Strange Star and the fairy tale classic In Darkling Wood. However, writing a novel set in the Second World War was proving more of a challenge, until, she explains, a lighthouse showed her the way.

All of us are products of our childhoods, and I wanted to discover his. To put us in a summer mood, Victoria Moore, author of new cookbook The Wine Dine Dictionary has kindly given us an exclusive recipe flavoured with a touch of literary inspiration; transporting you to a Fitzgeraldian setting of heat-filled, poolside days and glamorous bohemian nights. Here, exclusively for Waterstones, Haag introduces the Durrell's he knew and explains how, but for a chance encounter in a dusty bookshop, he might never have been drawn into their fascinating circle.

Here, exclusively for Waterstones, Abir Mukherjee introduces the city that inspired him. Described by The Independent 'as a new kind of state-of-the-nation novel', her latest book, The Tidal Zone, may be her best yet. We caught up with Moss to discuss tackling the aftermath of near-tragedy and the integral part storytelling plays in how we navigate our lives.

Chomsky is there, crooking his finger: Go back. Follow the path. To mark the paperback release of Who Rules the World? Here, exclusively for Waterstones, he considers the significance behind the symbol. Whether or not the sun shines this bank holiday, Nicola Millbank's recipe for her Nan's lemon mousse brings a burst of light, citrus sweetness to brighten up even the greyest of days.

Fresh from the pages of her debut cookbook Milly's Real Food, Milly's recipes are all about getting back to the basics: fad-free, good food that's comforting and nourishing. With recipes drawn from sustainable, easy-to-source ingredients, these are recipes destined to become go-to favourites. The first two books in his football trilogy, The Nowhere Men and Living on the Volcano, looked at talent scouting and football managers respectively. Now, in No Hunger in Paradise, Calvin has turned his investigative eye on the world of youth football.

Exclusively for Waterstones he introduces a world of secrecy, pressure, financial gain and staggering human cost. As the founder and lead astronomer of Kielder Observatory in Northumberland, Gary Fildes knows first-hand just how awe inspiring our night sky can be. Nestling above the forest treeline in Europe's largest protected dark sky park, Kielder Observatory offers the UK's most superb astronomical vista and even a chance to glimpse the Northern Lights.

Yet, as Gary says in his book An Astronomer's Tale, you don't need to be an expert astronomer with an array of telescopes at your fingertips to be able to look up and take in the view. Here he offers his tips for the top 10 astronomy targets you can spot from your own back garden. Economics is broken. Can it be fixed?

By identifying seven critical ways in which economics has been led astray she suggests we need a new model of economic thinking, one fit for the twenty-first century. Here, in a series of animations made to accompany the book, she explains her theories. Brighten your weekend with three delicious, healthy recipes from The Modern Baker, the debut cookbook from the baking team behind Oxford's wildly popular bakery and cafe, Melissa Sharp and Lindsay Stark.

Waterstones Angie Crawford caught up with the author to discuss breathing life into a notorious figure and the period's acute resonance for modern readers. The authors of Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls discuss the extraordinary women whose stories inspired them. River Cottage has been a household name in the UK since when a floppy-haired Hugh brought his now-famous food ethos to our TV screens, and into our kitchens with his soon-to-follow cookbooks.

As treat for Easter weekend we offer five of our favourite recipes from these River Cottage kitchen classics. A conversation about bestselling thriller Before the Fall with its author, Noah Hawley. In which the author interviews himself. The challenges of a cricket captain are manifold; selection, field-placings, dressing room egos, to name but a few.

The amateur captain can add to that simply trying to field 11 players for the game. Charlie Campbell has captained the Authors XI in over matches and he shares his love of the game in his latest book, Herding Cats. In quiet, I find what I feel. In his moving memoir, Plot 29, he interweaves his journey to find the truth about his own family history with a chronicle of a year on the allotment. In an exclusive interview for Waterstones, he discusses family, memory and the solace he finds in gardening.

As a Finnish fantasy author, Maria Turtschaninoff has found an enviable freedom to create her own distinctive and unique voice. As Nanondel, the second novel in her highly praised Red Abbey Chronicles series, is released, she discusses the culture of Finnish Weird, the creative legacy of Tove Jansson and how being small can set you free. In an exclusive interview for Waterstones, she discusses feminist fiction, the cutthroat world of social media and not being afraid to make her readers uncomfortable. Awarded annually to promote writing which combines scholarly brilliance, innovative research and compelling readability, the prize has previously recognised some of the greatest contemporary historians in their field including Mary Beard, Simon Schama and Ian Kershaw.

These postcards make the perfect present for all those who love vintage fashion.

  1. From Reform to Growth: Managing the Economic Crisis in Europe.
  2. Gigs since 1996 (and a few before)?
  3. Cool Fish and White Animals:Photo Book.
  4. Sexy Tales of Plus Size Lingerie-Volume 2- Bridal Lingerie & Babydolls.

Along the way, learn about the techniques and most famous works of these famous artists. For each painting, there is an image of the original painting, a line image to colour in, a brief history of the painting, and a blank page for drawing. Peppered throughout the book are ingenious ideas such as no-hassle starters and sauces to lift any dish.

From Turkish Pasta with Caramelized Onions, Yoghurt and Dill and Paprika-baked Pork Chops with Beetroot, Caraway and Sour Cream to Parmesanroasted Cauliflower with Garlic and Thyme, Diana takes the kind of ingredients we are most likely to find in our cupboard and fridge — or be able to pick up on the way home from work — and provides recipes that will become your friends for life. Diana Henry is one of our best-loved food writers. The Palomar Cookbook Enjoy more than utterly delicious recipes from award-winning restaurant The Palomar, with dishes influenced by the rich cultures of Southern Spain, North Africa and the Levant.

With mezze dishes to share, sweet and savoury pastries, simple dishes for a quick fix and special dishes for occasions, each recipe is both evocative and innovative, and — first and foremost — bursting with flavour. The Palomar met with wide critical acclaim when it opened in summer and continues to go from strength to strength, offering mind-blowing food from modern-day Jerusalem. Now Dan is back with the recipes he cooks at home for family and friends — informal, easy and as indulgent as ever.

With ideas based around eggs, hash, pancakes, toast, simple savoury dishes and sweet bakes, this is food inspired by the best a breakfast or brunch menu can offer — but to eat all day.

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Recipes include Boxing Day turkey mole enchiladas, Bonfire night sausage casserole, Thanksgiving clambake and Dense chocolate Christmas cake. Always at the forefront of any trend, Gizzi Erskine was one of the first to back the pop-up restaurant scene and her food events are legendary. Find out more about Gizzi at instagram. Now you can enjoy the ultimate comfort food at home with recipes from this immensely popular restaurant, including snacks, ramen, buns and more.

Discover the depths of flavour that ramen brings — from the rich broth and the delicious noodles to the assortment of toppings, including succulent chasu pork, pulled chicken and fried soft-shell crab. Top it all off with Green tea ice cream or a Salted sesame snap. It is often cited as the greatest cult TV programme of all time, and won three Golden Globes and two Emmy awards, amongst others. It is due to return for a new series in with many of the original cast members and David Lynch to direct every episode.

This authoritative reference book covers core techniques in extensive, ultra-clear step-by-step photographs. These techniques are then put into practice in 70 classic and contemporary recipes. With over 1, photographs in total, this astonishing reference work is an essential guide for any serious cook, professional or amateur.

The Institut Paul Bocuse is a worldrenowned centre of culinary excellence, based in France. Established in France in Le Creuset is famed for its worldclass cookware, used by top chefs and keen home cooks, and sold in over 60 countries, including the US, UK, Japan and Australia. Lindsey Bareham is a writer admired by home and professional cooks alike.

For many years she wrote a daily recipe for the Evening Standard and now writes daily columns for The Times. Hoxton Street Monster Supplies was established in , though the exact details of why, and by whom, have tragically been lost to history. In , after closing for a much-needed refurbishment, they re-opened their doors.

Kay has even created some delicious sherry-based desserts. Always fun, always feisty — she is a tonic. Kay Plunkett-Hogge is a cookery writer and broadcaster based in London. Now in its 40th year of publication, it has no rival as the comprehensive, up-to-the minute annual guide. Hugh Johnson provides clear, succinct facts and commentary on the wines, growers and wine regions of the whole world. He reveals which vintages to buy, which to drink and which to cellar, which growers to look for and why.

First published in , his Pocket Wine Book sells hundreds of thousands of copies a year. His winning formula of insight, critical appraisal of the world of wine, plus valuable vintage news and wine recommendations has been often-imitated but never bettered. With the publication of his first book, Wine, Johnson established himself at the age of twenty-seven as the most refreshing and authoritative voice on the subject. During the past four decades he has written books that have become landmarks on the subject, including his classic The World Atlas of Wine, co-authored with Jancis Robinson, his Wine Companion, first published in , and The Story of Wine.

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In his spare time he writes about gardening from his home in London. More than different rums are featured and analysed, from rich, sweet mellow Guyana rums to the vegetal peppery rums of Martinique or Guadeloupe and contemporary spiced rums. Dave Broom provides a description and graded tasting notes for each brand, allowing you to create the perfect mix every time. Finally, a selection of classic and contemporary cocktails shows just how wonderfully versatile this spirit is. Dave Broom is an award-winning author specializing in spirits.

He has been writing about drinks for more than 25 years and has twice won a Glenfiddich Award for Drinks Book of the Year and for Drinks Writer of the Year. Whether you need a midweek pick-me-up, a weekend treat or are in the mood for something sweet, you will find something to hit the spot. Cocktail novices can enjoy the introduction to mixology, which includes a guide to choosing the right glass, common cocktail ingredients and useful equipment for cocktail making, as well as a glossary of techniques — from muddling to mixing.

A cup of tea is an everyday pleasure for people the world over. And increasingly there is a dizzying array of teas to choose from — from robust black tea to elegant green tea and everything in between. In fact every tea has a fascinating story to tell about the place in which it grew — from soil, climate and altitude to the choices its producers made in processing it. Then there are the myriad ways in which that tea can be prepared for your daily cup. Tea mixologist Krisi Smith sets out what you need to know to appreciate teas of all descriptions — from harvesting and processing methods to how to make the perfect cup.

The world of tea is fast-moving and Krisi also includes info on everything from blending teas to your own taste and some innovative recipes, to health benefits and the perfect kit to make your brew truly delicious. Krisi Smith is co-owner of Bluebird Tea Co. As well as its online retail operation, Bluebird Tea Co. It explores the development of beer and the myriad brewing techniques in use today. Country by country the book considers a vast range of beer styles and traditions.

Detailed maps describe crucial trends in major territories and features such as how to pour different kinds of beer complete the picture. Now in a fully updated second edition. Tim Webb is renowned as a beer writer. He has written Good Beer Guide Belgium continuously since and has won awards for beer writing in four countries. Stephen Beaumont is an internationally recognized writer on beer.

He is the author or co-author of ten books and throughout his year career has written for publications as diverse as Whisky Advocate and Playboy, and hosted events around the globe. Hamlyn All Colour Cookbooks: Jacket Relaunch The Hamlyn All Colour series has sold over 5 million copies worldwide and to celebrate, we have made the design more colourful than ever before.

With brand new jackets that showcase an assortment of the mouth-watering recipes inside, these compact cookbooks are bursting with ideas for everything from easy cakes to one-pot meals. New Essentials is a fresh, approachable, practical and triple-tested r series from the best-selling cookery range of all time. This book covers all aspects of gardens and gardening, some practical, other quirky and whimsical, and is packed with photographs, vintage engravings and diagrams. Feature boxes provide practical guidance.

Prior to that, he gained experience in the commercial horticultural world after graduating with a degree in horticulture. By casting shade, and to a much lesser extent hogging water and nutrients, trees suppress other vegetation. After that, small pioneer trees such as ash, birch, maples, mountain ash, pine, sycamore and willow will start to appear. Pioneer species are often relatively short-lived 80 years or so.

As they fall, larger trees will come to dominate: beech, lime and oak, for example. In gardens it is the smaller pioneer trees that are particularly valued, birch, maples and willows being widely cultivated. The giants are best restricted to parks and forestry. Room to grow Trees, to the general observer are big things that cast shade and have a single stem from which branches radiate usually at some distance above the ground.

However, size is only possible where water and nutrients are available so that arid regions and rocky or mountainous parts are populated by lesser plants, grasses, shrubs, low growing plants that cling to the soil surface and bulbs, corms and tubers. And why no bigger? The taller the tree the greater the exposure to wind damage and more leverage on the lower parts. To strengthen the lower trunk and base of boughs the tree has to invest as much as eight times as much timber as near the top or bough extremities. This limit is more quickly reached in windy Europe than in calmer Californian valleys for example.

By growing tall, trees literally put shrubs and other plants in the shade. Because extra growth requires too much timber in the lower trunk and eventually the leaves can no longer suck up enough water. In summer, trees extract water and soils shrink. Winter rains restore soil moisture, but although the soil swells again, it does not always restore the soil to its original volume.

Soil shrinkage accumulates over time, potentially causing damage to nearby buildings. Ideally, you should avoid planting trees close to buildings, and strengthen. There must also be a genetic component that also limits the height of trees. No matter how much you water an oak tree far left it will never match the loftiness of a Californian redwood left. Easy-to-understand and beautifully illustrated with botanical watercolours, this book is the perfect gift for all gardening lovers. Plant names are grouped by theme — Habitat, Colour, Size, Shape and Form, and Scent and Taste — and each comes with a definition and pronunciation guide.

The book is an ideal companion when out buying plants or visiting gardens. I remember dripping onto the opening page. In the first couple of pages, the main character is woken up by a wrong number. The voice at the end of the phone asks to speak to Paul Auster. It was electrifying. I kept reading, bought the book and went home without any ice-cream. That was the moment I became a reader again.

After that I took on any book my sister suggested. It was an early, very warm morning in July, and it had rained during the night. The bare granite steamed, the moss and crevices were drenched with moisture, and all the colours everywhere had deepened. Below the veranda, the vegetation in the morning shade was like a rainforest of lush, evil leaves and flowers, which she had to be careful not to break as she searched. She held one hand in front of her mouth and was constantly afraid of losing her balance. She dived beneath the flowering roof of the garden and crept among green stalks and stems.

It was pretty and mysterious down on the soft black earth. And there were the teeth, white and pink, a whole mouthful of old teeth. So grandmother put the teeth in with a smacking noise. They went in very easily. It had really hardly been worth mentioning. A Summer Book is set on a tiny island in the Baltic where a young girl, Sophia, has come to spend the summer with her grandmother who lives there.

Multum in parvo! Such a simple and greatly promising passage. Hopcke, Robert H. This tale rivals anything one might find in the Gospels for its endless breadth of possible interpretation. But whatever any of us might read into the figure of the wolf — innate human aggressiveness, selfishness, our hopeless propensity to violence, inability to love neighbour as oneself, mimetic rivalry — what is indisputable is what Francis reveals to the townspeople and to us: that compassion requires courage for it to become an agent of true transformation, and where courage and compassion are brought to bear, defensiveness, poverty and enmity can be turned into cooperation, abundance and familiarity.

During the time that Saint Francis lived in the town of Gubbio, there was in the town a large wolf, ferocious in behavior and terrible in appearance, who preyed not only upon the animals of the town but upon the townspeople as well. For this reason, they were greatly afraid of the wolf, and thus went about heavily armed at all times, lest they came upon it. Nevertheless, for all their precautions, any one who met the wolf alone was defenseless, such that after a time no one dared to venture outside the town at all.

Feeling great compassion for the people of Gubbio, Saint Francis decided to go out of the town and meet the wolf, which the townsfolk of course discouraged him from doing. But, making the sign of the cross and placing all his trust in God, he left the town with his companions who, after a time, seized by fear themselves, refused to go any further and left Saint Francis to meet the wolf on the road by himself.

Now many of the townspeople, wishing to see a miracle, followed at some distance behind Saint Francis. In Christ I command you to do no harm to me nor to anyone else. As soon as Saint Francis made this sign of the Cross, the ferocious wolf stopped in its tracks, closed its jaws, and became as gentle as a lamb, curling up at his feet. For this, by rights, you deserve to be hanged, like a thief or a murderer. Everyone curses you and says all manner of things against you, and the whole of this town is your enemy. But, Brother Wolf, I wish to make peace between you and your enemies, so that you no longer do them harm, so that they might forgive you all the evil you have done in the past, so that you no longer need to be hunted by men and dogs.

If I grant you this then, Brother Wolf, will you promise me now never again to harm any human being or animal? Is that a promise? With the whole of the town before him, Saint Francis went up and began to preach to them, telling them, among other things, how for our sins God allows plagues and other evil things to occur, but that the fires of hell are far more dangerous and last an eternity for those who are damned — unlike the rage of a mere wolf who can only kill our bodies.

Change your lives, my dear friends, turn to God and renounce you own evil ways. God will deliver you from the wolf of your present life and from the fires of hell in the life to come. I stand here a guarantee that he will observe the peace he has pledged. The wolf knelt before him and, with gentle gestures of his body, tail, and ears, nodded his head giving sign as he could of his promise to keep this covenant.

Raising their voices to heaven, they praised and blessed God for having sent them Saint Francis, who through his merits had delivered them from the mouth of this cruel beast. For two more years the wolf lived among them in Gubbio and went about from door to door, as a friend to all, harming no one and without being harmed in any way himself, being given food to eat by one and all, without even so much as a dog barking at him, until, at the end to the two years, he died of old age. The people of Gubbio were much grieved by his passing, for they had grown used to his gentle presence in the town, which reminded them at all times of the virtue and sanctity of Saint Francis.

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