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Millie may be crazy but the protagonist can see her reasons as philosophical ones. The bus she is waiting for has a destination that we all are eager to get to. This letter, like some of the other Alphabet stories, has an open ending that left me unsatisfied. A society lives for thousands of years under the crust and a pair of intrepid young adventurers defy the warnings of the elders and set off to climb to the surface to get a look at the Eden that waited for them above.

A good twist, well delivered. The use of large, multisyllabic words can, at times, be off-putting, meant solely to disseminate the intellectual acuity of the author. I am reminded of M. The story tells of the man who is responsible for cleaning a post victory or post defeat battlefield of its Anglo-American corpses.

~ dreaming of new worlds ~

Also in his job description is to retrieve salvageable weapons, and collect dog-tags. He does this with grim determination, and a singing of old battle tunes — to block the sounds of the not-quite-dead-yet fallen. Their meeting is the plot of the story, the character is the heart, and the language is the song. Definitely read this one. Omnipotence: All, or unlimited power Omniscience: The capacity to know everything Precognizance: Knowledge of events before they occur. There seemed to me to be some confusion about the definitions of the three above words in this story, which for me, ruined the punchline a bit.

Which is what I felt this story read like — a long joke one might tell another. The truth is unclear, although some may say the action taken at the end of the story removes all doubt. Kalvin, lord of the manor, has taken full advantage of a servant girl and is, rightfully so, a hated man. However, such wounds can not be covered by a salve. The servant girl too finds a method to deal with the atrocity and her pain.

Fatefully, love and hatred combine in an ending that must be read in its entirety. I suggest checking this one out. Instead of finding a floating pile of garbage the size of Texas, they discover an island formed of discarded material. The expedition goes from odd to weird when their sexy on-camera star turns up missing. Like most recycled material, this tale is really bland when compared to the original.

This tongue-in-cheek recreation was just plain silly.

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This one was a little over the top for me, but still fun. This is a nice use of local Hawaiian customs and folklore blended with a bit of Harry Dresden. A cloud dragon hungers for the young boys he sees playing in the soccer fields and playgrounds. He is the last of his kind that still roams the Earth, mistaken for a cloud, as other dragons wait for the day to re-emerge. I learned much of Mr.

The story never evolved and therefore sputtered like the spent drops of a depleted rain cloud.

The protagonist is a robot who serves as a guard and servant for a spoiled heir of a wealthy corporation. Elaine is the Paris Hilton of her day — beautiful, extravagant, self-absorbed , just as she was designed, perfect in everyway. Not all creations follow all their protocols, while others perform them too well. Public perception is everything so therefore events must be closely managed, especially when disaster is involved.

Elaine has a flaw in her design, a flaw that most would consider a virtue. Virtues run counter for a company mascot whose unknown job is to stay in the limelight. The protagonist is a robot so is therefore easier to control, but feelings run deep for a machine that has been awarded a measure of free will. New programming forces him to recognize his feelings, feelings held in check by duty. Shier portrayal of a spoiled woman, used as a reverse promotional mascot, was brilliant. I found this premise surprisingly plausible. A very inventive work of art. The narrator entices the reader to try sex in a cover; people used to be born with skin.

Sex in your epidermal layer is like nothing you can imagine, just be wary of the aroma. Jane and Kim take turns watching each other while the other one sleeps. Earth is in the throws of an alien invasion. Squid-like creatures from light-years away will switch places with you while you dream. The girls make sure to wake the other before the switch can be made. The sisters vow to look after each other even when the people they know have gone. Family must always stick together, even if it is from light years away. Many in the world have succumbed to the inevitable.

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Jane and Kim are two who have no intentions of giving in to the inevitable. The story tracks their progress as two girls on the run but with nowhere to go. The whole time you get the feeling you are watching a spider in a tub that is battling from going down the drain. An intriguing and well thought out story. Dad is out to discipline his son but discovers Mark is in deep with a tutoring demon.

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Now Dad feels out of the loop and old in a world that is leaving him behind. The technology of fridge elves and cactus nymphs has gone way past him. Fortunately, not everything new is beyond the reach of people stuck in the past. I found this story clever.

Daily Science Fiction Stories of October 2011

Jewell wrote a fantasy that anybody a generation removed from high school can identify with. I like his style and imagination. Little Gods story collection , from Prime Books, November Jasper in H. Muse Trap , Strange Horizons , February King in Locus. Kiernan in Locus. Tremblay, in Locus , October Review of Joe R. Kiernan, in Locus , August Barnett, in Locus , May Review of Triads , by Poppy Z.

Review of Graphic Classics: H. Lovecraft , Tom Pomplun, ed. Review of Writers of the Future Vol.

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Audio reprint at Podcastle , June Audio reprint at audio at Escape Pod , August Shortlisted for a Gaylactic Spectrum Award. Reprinted, in Dutch, as a standalone hardcover YA, by Facet nv , Reprinted, in Japanese, in Hayakawa SF. Audio reprint at Pseudopod , January Nominated for the Nebula Award. Translated into French for Fairies. Recipient of an honorable mention in Best of the Rest 3.